Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Delight

After a week's hardwork, I always make sure to visit and tend my garden no matter how small it is in our yard. Best time to get dirty without feeling guilty is to feel the soil, planting and propagating my ornamental plants, enjoying the scent of anything that grow in the soil. Desirable time to plant is this rainy season. There are some things to consider if and when excessive rain becomes a problem.  Some plants tend to rot easily when drainage is not sufficient and the soil gets too soggy. If this is the case, I make sure I don't over supply them with water. Water requirement in plants vary in many ways. If the weather is too hot, I water them twice a day. Some plants do not require water that much as long as they are not directly exposed to the sun. In some cases, there are also plants that need sunlight to enhance their colors. I am not that well-versed when it comes to naming ornamental and garden plants but I do enjoy them growing in my garden.

A variety of Mayanas


To make my little garden not too boring, accessorizing it helped in some ways. Sticking these colorful designs with propellers can be bought in any garden shops.


Putting a hammock and a swing in the yard seem to create a friendly ambiance. That little red thing with black spots is another design of the mini-propeller.                      

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