Friday, June 24, 2011

Going Home

One thing I like best in going home is looking at the sunset as it only take a few minutes before it totally remains unseen. I took this photo a couple of weeks ago to capture the moment. I used to be fascinated with taking photos just for the sake of posting something in social networks to update my family, friends, old and new ones and to keep in touch with relatives from all over the world wherever they may be. Now, I find photography interesting and relaxing. I don't have any formal or informal training in this field but all I know is that you have to have the eye for a subject and to practice clicking the camera with steady hands while taking the shot. Capturing the moment is essential and basically the reason why photos are taken. Each moment that had passed is history, so you grab the cam and take the shot then Voila! You can keep those moments and look back at them (literally) for the rest of your life!

I had the chance of taking this shot on our way home from Baguio, the coolest place in our country as far as I know. Temperature ranges from as low as like 10 degrees to  30++ degrees centigrade, that's why it's called the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Normal temperature in lowlands is like 32 to 38 degrees centigrade high as the case may be. Look at those abundant trees in the mountains!
Just a few minutes away and the fog started to set in. Sometimes, one has to consider the risks involved in traveling to Baguio particularly because of the fog and landslides one has to encounter. Keeping abreast with travel advisory is a must specially this rainy season if you have plans of visiting Baguio. In case of landslides, travelers are advised to take the safer routes. 

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