Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School Opening

Since classes resume at this point in time, like my kids, I think I'm quite excited to write my very first blog. For them, classes mean new school stuffs, new shoes and uniforms and new friends. For me, blogging means exploring and sharing  thoughts to the world of cyberspace. To be honest, I just found out that the word "blog"  came from 2 words: web+log=weblog thus blog for short. If it means going extra mile to learn navigating through websites and being familiar with computer lingo, I might as well enroll in information technology. But that would  fall last in my priority because of my limited time. So bear with me as I am not that tech savvy as you expect me to be. As a mom of two (I have a girl in grade 1 and a boy in first year high) I have to learn how to manage my hectic time considering working 8-5.

The smell of new notebooks and textbooks for some reasons reminds me of my schooldays way back. I used to hate covering my textbooks as I found it too tasking and boring.  But doing so nowadays makes me feel relaxed in some way.  The sound of the scotch tape being pulled out from the dispenser was like the ruffling waters from the rush of the wind. I finally discovered how to appreciate things and looking the other side of it. I see problems as an opportunity in making things better if not for the best. Things may not end up perfectly but the manner of doing things  to make it perfect is the essence of our journey in life.

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