Friday, June 10, 2011

Starting the Day

I started practicing yoga for some health reasons. Since there are no yoga studio from where I live, I was happy enough to find DVD's about yoga in the malls. I started out with Allan Finger's Yoga Zone-Beginner, Muscle Toning, Meditation and Relaxation to White Lotus Foundation, Fire series. Challenging as it may be, I guess I needed a little more time to complete the part 2 of the Fire Series. Watching the videos before working on it helped me in understanding each poses so I can practice it correctly since there was nobody else to teach me but myself. Of course I had to ask for my doctor's consent, too for that matter!

As a beginner in the practice of yoga, it is best to know how to do yoga safely. Basically, start with simple postures before going to difficult ones. Do not strain your body when doing the postures so as not to tear your muscles. Avoid jerking, or changing positions too quickly. Movements must be steady and slow. Always end your practice in Corpse position.

Positive effects in the practice of yoga is believed to be therapeutic with the guidance and help of an experienced teacher and consultation with physician.  It also helps in slowing down aging process as it maintains the muscle strength and strengthen bone density as well. I can tell it worked effectively on me when an old friend told me that  I grew a bit taller than I used to be.  In that case, perhaps it has something to do with my posture after practicing yoga for several months now. In yoga, it is also better to understand each poses you are working on and focus on your breathing.

Twin Peaks, Tuba, Benguet
"Essence and energy, body and breath are indivisible. When the body does not move, essence cannot flow; when essence cannot flow, energy becomes stagnant." (Sun Ssu Mo-Physician)

Starting the day with yoga helps me stay focused with my everyday living. I will never stop practicing asanas until I can do a headstand.

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