Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blooming Shades of Blue

It is often said that color blue signifies the calmness of the sky and the coolness of the ocean, a soothing color in promoting mental and physical relaxation. 
Plumbago auriculata
The color is commonly used in corporate logos because it signifies loyalty, trust and responsibility.

In my work place, we use "code blue" to patients who needs immediate medical intervention or to patients who needs to be resuscitated. When their blood circulation is compromised, oxygen level in their body decreases, they turn cyanotic thus the term code "blue." When a person gets bruised, they turn black and blue caused by hematoma, a blood clot brought about by the trauma. Also, people who are color blind or has color deficiency has difficulty distinguishing between red and green. A color blue deficiency is very rare as this would be total color blindness.

Torenia fournieri
Purple wishbone flower or bluewings
Blue is also associated to being sad, sentimental and nostalgic, a longing for familiar things in the past. 

These Hands