Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Saturday with Stags and Slabs

Last Saturday, I noticed the stags are growing. They needed wider slabs to give them more room to grow. I decided to remount them to bigger slabs.
Tree fern slabs

I opted to use copper wire than iron wire. These are easier to bend and color blends well with the slabs.
...then I put 2 pieces of slabs together ...
and secured the stags to the wider slabs.


I know it's kind of late to greet but to all the mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fern Finds

I had been waiting for this moment to purchase my next fern. An ongoing bridge construction prevented me and my husband from taking the usual way to the garden store so we took the longer route instead. I did not mind at all if our travel time took another thirty minutes because I was thrilled when I saw the eco-rich tree ferns in the mountainous road up north. I can imagine how beautiful a garden could be with this tree fern standing tall at the center surrounded by ornamental garden plants. In the mountains and forests, they are wild. In the garden, they beautify the place, they seem so refined, sophisticated and queenly with its curled young fronds growing at the center top. Like palm trees, they give an interesting warm and tropical look.
Cyathea known as tree fern

Tree fern with curled young fronds at the center top
My husband and I took some time to stop over and had coffee while enjoying the cool breeze of summer with the scent of pine trees around. With a temperature of 36 degrees Centigrade back home to 20 degrees Centigrade in Baguio, we surely savored every sip of brewed coffee from the coffee beans of the mountains of Kalinga.
My favorite Cafe Americano while hubby preferred Capuccino
During the first visit, I was not able to acquire this kind of staghorn fern as I was told it was only one of the "collections." It was not for sale until they were able to produce their own. For months I waited. And now, I finally had one which  I can call it my own. Overjoyed, I went home carrying the young stag like a baby with another plant given to me for free by the kind lady.
Platycerium Bifurcatum
the "giveaway" plant
Some stags that I have...
 Young Platycerium Grande

Platycerium Andinum

P. Walchii
P. Wandae
...and this fern also called the upside down fern.
Arachniodes Standshii

These Hands