Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get High

After completing my degree in nursing and passed all the necessary  qualifying exams, finding a job was the wisest thing to do. Gradual oversupply of nurses became a problem because of the overproduction of nursing students in several nursing institutions. Now, everyone seem to be discouraging students from taking up the course because the demand tremendously declined considering the global depression not only in the US but in several countries as well.

Honestly, I am still hoping for the end of recession if not all priority dates will become current! Every month I keep myself updated with the visa bulletin while looking for other things I am interested with: gardening, yoga and out of town trips!

Taal Lake
One of my favorite place to visit is Tagaytay! Weather is close to the coolness of Baguio. The small volcano in the photo was actually the crater of the 18,000 feet height of the Taal volcano, one of the largest in the world. I had the chance to stay at Taal Vista Hotel with awesome view of the Taal Lake.  At first, I was a bit confused because I know Taal Lake is in Batangas, not in Tagaytay. Now I knew that the lake can be actually viewed from Tagaytay and it's really located in Batangas. Somewhere close to the hotel I saw a sign that says "banca ride" (boating) is allowed in the lake, I forgot how much the fee was and if I had ample time for it, surely it would be an excellent move to try. 

 My experience in Taal Vista Hotel was great and I highly recommend it to give it a try if you have plans of visiting the place. Sometimes, if you are an SM Advantage card holder, you are privileged to discounts as high as 50%  room rates! Service is excellent with clean bedrooms and restrooms and courteous staff. I was enticed by the divine green, fresh salad and delectable meals they served, even the food presentation was outstanding so I gave them a thumbs up for that.

If you are fond of going to casinos, it is surely an advantage for you to spend overnight in the hotel where the casino is just situated across the hotel. There are lots of hotels beside Taal Vista where you could choose from with breathtaking view of the Taal Lake. Transportation is not a problem since the location is almost in the middle of the city.

Going home is not an option if I won't be able to take home sweet senyoritas (little bananas!) Be sure to choose half-ripe senyoritas if you're planning to buy lots of them as they tend to ripen quickly in hot weather.
Next time I'll be bringing along my kids, I'm pretty sure they will enjoy boating and horseback-riding in Tagaytay!

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