Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Sound of Nature

The rain had stopped, it was calm and quiet outside. As a lover of music, I can hear how nature was carrying out melodies in the garden...It was all like music to me. The slow rhythmic sounds heard in nature is a good example of relieving stress. Babies inside the womb are influenced by the heart beat of their mother. That is why people  respond to the soothing, rhythmic, repetitive sound around them. In my work, music is an alternative measure in reducing pain and in relaxation technique.  When I garden at home, I sing.

The sound of the house crickets was like the rhythm of maracas. Tree crickets gave off  faint resonance of tambourines. They blended well with the symphonic low bass sound of the bullfrogs croaking harmoniously. We have lots of them in the garden at this time of the year. I welcome them for they help me get rid of snails, rats, mosquitoes and other unwanted visitors in the garden.


Soft tympani drum was beating at 4/4 as the water from a tree was dripping onto the cover of an empty can. The leaves were swaying with the wind as they danced to the tune of "The Songs of Nature." 

One last look in the garden and I was pretty sure my plants were safe as they listened to the sound of nature before sleep had finally set in.
        Can you hear the sound of the moon?


Autumn Belle said...

Sometimes their sounds can get too loud!

hardinars said...

Yes, Autumn Belle...they can be a nuisance at times! My son would love them as pets but I'm afraid some might be poisonous.

Plant Chaser said...

I have two frogs hidden among the leaves of one of my plants. Strangely enough, no noise at all. In fact, we just found them by accident when we were making sure that there was no stagnant water between the leaves.

hardinars said...

Plantchaser, good to know you have them in your garden. Frogs play an important role in pest control. I value them much as well!

hardinars said...
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