Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peculiar Platys

Something wonderful happened...My Platys produced a pup!
Platycerium coronarium
From the normal 80 beats per minute of the cardiac muscle, I had it at 100 bpm as a result of my excitement.  This was the first time I saw a young fertile frond growing. I thought it would take some time for it to grow but surprisingly it did not disappointment me at all. Look how fast it grows.
1st day of the young foliage frond

3rd  Day 
What is so unique about this stunning fern is its capacity to collect and trap dry leaves from the host tree to its nest where they get their nutrients for their growth. Thus, they benefit from their host without damaging the tree.  As the basal fronds age, they curl inwards into the center of the nest to contribute to the organic matter inside and to conserve moisture needed by its roots. For some reason this makes them self-sufficient fern.
6th Day

9th Day

12th Day
Another thing I like about it is the unique and odd appearance of its fronds. The basal frond that grows upward which forms the nest from their tree host makes me think they look like outstretched hands ready to catch anything thrown at them. The long fertile fronds draping from the nest  taking the shape of the antler makes it more interesting, adding a dramatic effect on the host tree.

More than 1 week

My excitation did not end there when I had another Platys with a pup. I had them hanging at the right side of our home where they get only partial early morning sun because full glare of the sun is detrimental to them.

I feed them with dried banana peel at least once a month to supplement their nutriment.


Plant Chaser said...

100 only? Not tachycardic enough. Hehehe. Congratulations on your pup! -- Bom

The Sage Butterfly said...

That is so interesting! Thanks for documenting it so well!

hardinars said...

@ Bom: you're right, not that tachy, 80-100bpm is still w/in the norm, hahaha...You're so observant!

@ Sage Butterfly: I am hopeful all of the platys will have their fertile fronds growing. Can't wait to see them in my garden.. :-)

Plant Chaser said...

Unfortunately, I didn't catch it myself. My wife was with me when I was reading your post and she was the one who mentioned it. :-)
-- Bom

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hardinars said...

@ Bom: Hahaha..I feel like I'm still at work, regards to your wife doctor... :-)

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