Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Plants...Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Some plants just love to be touched by the rays emanated by the sun. For them, the sun is like a gentle kiss from nature’s lips and warm arms that embrace their tiny and delicate petals. Without it, efflorescences lose their vibrant colors, the leaves turn pale, and the stems sag, their buds droop, refusing to open. Plants become glum sans the radiant glow of the sun. Glad I was able to grow some of the sun-loving plants in my humble garden.
White Angel

Yellow Bush

Ploemele Reflexa, Song of India

Schefllera Arbolicora variegated
Some plants do not thrive well in full sun but do well in partly shaded garden. They shy away from the harsh heat because it can burn their delicate foliage and fragile petals. Exposure to too much sun or to very intense light may compromise the vigor of the plant leaving them dry, dehydrated. Some of the plants often bought in Baguio can’t withstand the scorching heat but some were able to adapt the temperature, gradually.

Spathiphyllum Wallisii
Some plants choose to grow under canopy of trees. Where the humidity is high and the weather is warm, a tropical climate is an ideal place for them. A sudden change in temperature might put them at risk and prognosis may not be good… The chance for recovery is slim and almost next to impossible.

Staghorn Fern
Wart Fern
Asplenium unfurled frond

All the plants in my garden possess one thing in common: they all grow in the hands of a cheerful and willing gardener. When I was a little girl I was told many times by old folks that talking to plants will help them (plants) grow ten times faster and healthier. I tried to figure out how could that be then I thought that perhaps it has something to do with the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that takes place between plants and animals. "Talking" to plants show how plants and humans mutually benefit from each other. Plants give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. On the other hand, humans breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide as well. Do I make sense? Any way, I believe in the old Chinese proverb: “The best fertilizer in the garden may be the gardener's shadow.” One's presence in the garden is the best fertilizer other than the chemical and artificial ones growing plants can have.

I may be a little late but still I'm joining Carol at maydreamsgarden for GBBD this June 2012. Thank you, Miss Carol for hosting such a wonderful meme.


Autumn Belle said...

Lovely plants on display and words well said. I like the proverb.

hardinars said...

Thank you, Autumnbelle. Everyday is a different day in gardening!

The Sage Butterfly said...

A beautiful post that describes all the magic of gardening. The proverb is lovely.

Autumn Belle said...

Hardinars, I have an award for you. To find out more, visit here:

hardinars said...

Sage Butterfly, yes lots of magical things happening in the garden...Thank you!

hardinars said...

Autumn Belle, oh I am so happy for having been nominated by someone like you...Thank you, thank you!

James Missier said...

I used to talk to plants.
But somehow - it got evolved as talking to the plants without using vocally.
Sounded better when people starting to think I had overworked myself by talking to myself.

hardinars said...

@ James Missier, right...sometimes I also sing so people won't think I'm talking to the plants... :-)

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