Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This Month of June

If there is one significant month to choose from, I consider it to be month of June. It's been a year since I decided to try on blogging, so I suppose this is my first anniversary in the web blog aside from the fact that hubby and I also celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary this month.

Happy anniversary!
Our anniversary started off with a thanksgiving mass at the first hour in the morning followed by a simple dinner in one of our favorite diner fifteen kilometers away from home. The place is cozy where I can have a view of the vast mountains and the lush trees around while enjoying the sumptuous meals they served. Perhaps it was the garden with different kinds of ferns was the reason why we ended up in this deli in celebrating this special moment. Besides, as a coffee drinker, it's the only dining shop I know in town that serves a rare kind of coffee. Find out why...

Kalua Pork with Salmon, Osso Bucco and Chef's Salad in Vinigrette
Cozy ambience

Phymotosorous with Asplenium ferns

Phymatosorous Scolopendria

The best part of the simple yet meaningful celebration was when we get to experience the best tasting coffee we've ever had, the Coffee Alamid. What's so special about the coffee? I guess aside from obtaining them from civet cat's fermented droppings, the coffee blended well with my gustatory cravings for a different kind of coffee. Not the black coffee that I used to have.This beverage tasted like chocolate and....hazelnut?... Sweet, smooth that even my taste receptor cells sent signals to my brain saying they can't be from civet cat's droppings!

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