Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My penchant for ferns began way back before I started gardening. With the right soil, environment and light, little care is all they need in order to survive. Like an eagle’s wings widely spread out, the green fronds always add life to a garden, be it in a greenhouse or in a simple yard for that matter. Some of the owners of plant shops I frequently visit call them pakpak lawin which means eagle’s wings. Others call them dapo or pako.
Little did I know that my first ferns were Asplenium Nidus or bird’s nest. Having done a little research, I found out that they grow well with bromeliads. Being an epiphyte and a terrestrial plant, it thrives well in organic matter and in partial shade. In as much as I wanted to have them on trees for a rainforest garden effect, I only have palm trees planted in the small yard: the manila, foxtail and champagne palms. I noticed that repotting the ferns to a larger container would make them grow so fast that they may even look too big for the small yard!
Asplenium Nidus 
Look at these curly fronds of A. Nidus Antiquum. It is also called Osaka fern or Japanese bird’s nest. Like the rest of the other ferns, it does not require direct sunlight, only full to partial shade.
A. Nidus Antiquum
These odd looking fronds of Platycerium Superbum a.k.a staghorn fern attract me most. The first time I heard the word staghorn aside from its true meaning  was when I had a patient with a staghorn kidney stone which means stones formed occupying the renal pelvis of the kidney, thus taking the shape of a staghorn. Now, I am still taking care of a staghorn, a healthy staghorn fern.
Platycerium Superbum
Asplenium Cristata Scolopendrium has long fronds that appear to have torn edges and curled. Moist, well-drained soil is a must for almost all types of fern. Direct sunlight can easily burn the fronds even for a short period of time.
A. Cristata Scolopendrium
And the last two ferns in the garden and still counting...
Dryopteris Crispa
Dryopteris Complexa
HAPPY GARDEN BLOGGERS' BLOOM DAY! Thank you, Carol of maydreamsgarden for hosting such a wonderful GBBD...


noel said...


wow what a in hawaii...they grow wild up in the tree canopies and they are huge...wish i could climb up and take one down :)

hardinars said...

@ noel: I wish I could, too!

Autumn Belle said...

Your ferns look very healthy and green. Many ferns grow wild in Malaysia too. I have 2 bird nest ferns in my garden which is FOC because they just appeared in my garden.

hardinars said...

@ Autmn Belle: I can imagine your beautiful garden with those ferns growing...:-)

Carolyn ♥ said...

Ferns are my favorite as well and seem to have an air of enchantment about them... love the unfurling of the ferns!

scottweberpdx said...

Ferns really area amazing...and there is such a wide variety of them. I bought a Maindenhair Fern last year and just LOVE it!

hardinars said...

@ Carolyn: Unfurling ferns, yes! In a few days they spread out wide, green and shiny!

@ scottweberpdx: Even if they grow wild in some areas, like you I also buy and grow them in my garden. Glad they like their new habitat... :-)

hardinars said...
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