Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Charmed by Bohol

Our trip in Cebu will not be complete without visiting Bohol to catch a glimpse of a tarsier. The kids had been insisting we visit Bohol. I knew they did enjoy Bohol more than Cebu because of the wonderful Chocolate Hills and the adorable little creatures which are close to extinction, the Philippine Tarsiers. A dream come true it was for them for they only get to see those in their textbooks and on TV. A very informative and educational tour as well, I must admit I did learn a lot as I happen to observe the ways of  tarsiers in their natural habitat, toured the Chocolate Hills, stopped by the oldest Church in the Philippines and chanced upon the place where the first blood compact in the Philippines was held. Along with the tour was an exciting luncheon cruise served in a buffet in Loboc River where we were then serenaded by an acoustic singer, singing songs from different genre.

The natural habitat of the Philippine Tarsier in Bohol also serves as a sanctuary to preserve one of the  smallest primates in the country which is considered an endangered specie.

Shy yet cuddly creatures, they have this unique characteristic of turning its head 180 degrees.
Considered a nocturnal animal, they live on insects, crickets and may even hunt for bats, birds and reptiles.
Tarsius Syrichta or Bohol Tarsiers have 2 huge eyes that cannot move. They live basically in the roots  or trunk of the trees. They can also be found in the holes of trees.
Dryopteris ferns growing on trees where the tarsiers thrive.

My hubby and kids while I  took the shot, we had to take 214 steps to get to... 
the Chocolate Hills! Where the bronze plaque lies on the view deck, an explanation of  how the  charming Chocolate Hills came to be was written on it.
With abundant Dryopteris mountain ferns growing, the amazing Chocolate Hills consisted of 1,268 in all are almost uniform in their sizes. 
Baclayon Church built in the 18th century considered one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. The walls, murals and relics of saints are preserved and attract many tourist who visit the place.

Our cruise along Loboc River started in Poblacion or the town proper  of Loboc Municipality 25 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City.
As guests, we were offered a sumptuous buffet of seafoods, chicken, pork, variety of vegetables and several Filipino delicacies with fresh tropical fruits while listening to the guitar man singing songs from different genre while... 
cruising along the winding, long and narrow river enjoying the tropical atmosphere of lush coconut and palm trees, bushes, shrubs grasses and clinging vines...
with the sound of the rushing waters made by the mini-waterfalls after which...
we had a closer view of Busay Falls which meant we had to go back from where we started ending our one hour cruise.

Many thanks to Miss Bing, our guide who took time to tour us around the place, who patiently addressed the kids' curiosity and generously gave us all the information we needed and who unselfishly assisted us throughout the trip.


The Sage Butterfly said...

What a beautiful place! I especially like those Chocolate Hills...breathtaking. I can see why your children wanted to see that adorable little creature...the eyes are beautiful.

hardinars said...

@ Sage Butterfly: They're so gentle, too and so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. A baby is just like the size of a thumb!

Carolyn ♥ said...

I may never get to see this beautiful part of the world with my own eyes... so grateful to see through your lens. What amazing little cuddly creatures.

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