Friday, October 14, 2011

Song of A Bee

Dancing with the wind to and fro
Wings flapping high and low.
Under the sun and into the yellow
Flower bush I hover, I dangle
I flutter, flitter and flicker.

Sweet efflorescence
Enchantingly quiet.
So elegant with petals so delicate
I wonder where your dainty colors come from?
Is it from the fronds?
Is it from the sepals that hold
Your heads up high?

Pardon me
You caught my assiduity.
Your scent kept me captivated.
Lingering paradise in the cloverleaf
I am enthralled by your simplicity.
Bestow upon me  
The magic you bring
This is why I can prance and sing!


Autumn Belle said...

Beautiful pictures with well-written prose.

hardinars said...

Thanks, autumn belle. The bee is so tiny that one might think it was a fly...

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