Friday, October 21, 2011

Garden Thoughts

Alright. I've changed my blog name. I changed it simply because I am spending more time in the garden when at home. Everyday, I get to see interesting growth sprouting, popping up from stems and branches, developing into mature evergreen foliage. Tending the garden gives me the opportunity to observe closely the ways of nature under blue skies and fresh air. For me, I find it therapeutic in a way and I enjoy the  aesthetic effects it brings to our humble home.

Fascinated by these young fronds with lanugos covering them, grabbing the camera was the next thing I thought of. Just like any newborn babies or mammals, giving utmost care is always essential thing to do. I thought the term lanugo was only used for newborn babies but the term can be applied in young leaves as well. Since I live in a humid climate, misting them daily keeps their moisture but never let them stand in water nor in direct sunlight. 

I had a hard time deciding for the right spot since the foliage are long, almost 4 feet in length and 2 feet wide. They all started out relatively small and I had no idea at first that they could grow that wide. Backyard is not spacious enough with concrete landscape, so container garden and a little wall garden worked best for the area. Almost all plants were propagated in big and small clay pots, fancy containers and plant boxes. Problem arises when the soil starts caking if left unattended for some time. On the other hand, water tends to overflow, washing away the soil from containers so adding garden soil is done every now and then.

Day 1 - I'm....

Day 3 - coming...

Day 5 - out....!

Day 7 - I'm coming out! I want the world to know!


ANGEL said...

hi! nice to see a fellow filipina in blotanical :)
love your blog!
happy gardening!


hardinars said...

Thanks, angel! Glad to see one, too! said...

Hi from Niagara Falls. Thank you for stopping in on my blog a world away. It is fun to see what is happening around the worlds in gardens. I did enjoy your son's hamster story and that was a really cute picture of the proud momma.

Carolyn ♥ said...

That is just so magical!

hardinars said...

@ greenapplesgarden thank you for dropping by and I appreciate it so much!

@ Carolyn thank you, I find everything in the garden amazing. :-)

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