Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Crosier and the Stent

When the DJ stent was pulled out from the bladder of the patient, I got curious why it was called "DJ". So, DJ stands for double "J," or JJ stent. It is coiled, curled like a letter "J" on both ends to prevent it from moving out of the the ureter. The stent is made of silicone, a time tested material that provides patient comfort and reduces the risk of chemical build up inside the body.
DJ stent that was removed 
Stenting is a method used to facilitate passage of the urine if there is blockage in one or both ureters, the tubes that connect the renal pelvis to the bladder.

More than a year ago, I blogged something about my staghorn fern and a staghorn calculus or kidney stone. 
Platycerium or staghorn fern
Now, I am blogging about DJ stent because it reminds of the coiled part of a crosier.
Asplenium nidus

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