Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Utilizing the available resources was an essential thing to consider in gardening. Not knowing what to do with old broken clay pots stacked in the corner of my small garden, I opted to ditch them so I could make use of the space I primarily needed for in a garden.

 When I visited an aunt just recently, I saw pieces of broken earthenware covering the ground so as to keep the soil from being too soggy and wet. I thought it looked quite creative to put them in bowls, pots and other containers. Then it struck to me the idea of how to make use of broken bits and pieces of clay pots that I have at home.
Like a jigsaw puzzle, putting altogether the bits and pieces of these earthenware in the container pots was quite fun.

Topiary before

....and after.
Clay pot is a porous material, which being able to absorb water, helps to distribute moisture throughout the medium more evenly and helps to stabilize soil temperature.

Majesty Palm with crazy cut from clay pots
An unknown author once said, "The greatest wastes are the unused talents and untried ideas." In that case, I may not have the talent but I have a few humble ideas...


Roberto Jose Celdran said...

Hi Hardinars,

This post of yours is brilliant! I never thought that broken clay pot pieces are clever moisture-retaining media. I used to just scatter them on pathways to avoid rainwater from flooding the pathways. Thanks for your info.

hardinars said...

@ Roberto: Your welcome. Might as well follow your idea of scattering broken pieces of clay pot on pathways on rainy days! What a clever idea, thanks!

Roberto Jose Celdran said...

Oh for sure! Some use gravel, but if you don't have it, then what a better way to recycle broken clay pots!

hardinars said...

Sometimes, I break them into tiny pieces and mix them with soil...

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