Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beating the Heat

Summer is official in the Philippines. Weather in Pangasinan has a prevailing temperature of 34 degrees but it feels like 36 degrees Centigrade making it a dry season. Where the scorching heat is too harsh for the plants, finding ways and means to beat the heat are the main concerns to sustain the plants’ needs. Frequent watering will help the plants in a way, but the dry air will cause the leaves to lose the water they’ve absorbed at a faster rate.

Some plants love broken shades. So grateful I have these palm trees even for a small garden that I have, they add a tropical look. 
Foxtail Palm, Wodyetia Bifurcata
Hyophorbe Laginicaulis, Champagne Tree
Verichia Merillii, Manila Palm Tree
Majesty Palm
Others fronds burn easily that a patio umbrella is needed for a filtered sunlight effect. Ferns are sensitive to bright light and they may find it too intense for them. Now I know where I should put these ferns...(sigh)
                      Staghorn fern
Asplenium Nidus
Patio Umbrella
To sustain the requirement of constant humidity, I surround the containers with moist pebbles.
Pebbles help in increasing the humidity as the water evaporates.
Or I simply put the pebbles here...
I opted for white pebbles.
Daily misting is a sure way to give the plants exact amount of humidity. I would not want to oversupply them with water as the soil may turn soggy. When the humidity is low, I mist the plants several times a day especially during daylight hours.

At any rate, I do keep plants in close group, rather than scattered about to help ease their need for humidity.

I am linking this post to Carolyn at thisgrandmothersgarden as I join her in her Walk in the Garden Challenge for this month.


The Sage Butterfly said...

I like the idea of using the pebbles to add humidity. I use them for my African violets and orchids, but I never thought about it for other tropicals. Great idea!

hardinars said...

I've noticed that sometimes pebbles and stones add up heat when under the sun that's why they work best in rock garden but if kept moist, they may as well help in keeping the soil cool...I use them to add a little interest in pots and container bowls...

Autumn Belle said...

We have too much rain over here. Your bird nest fern looks very pretty after adding some pebles.

hardinars said...

@ SageButterfly: I'm sure your African Violets and orchids look great with the pebbles!

@ AutumnBelle: Weather is sometimes unpredictable and weird. There are times when it's so dry and hot in our area but in our neighboring town, it is raining. I got the idea from hotels and malls I had visited...

Carolyn ♥ said...

I'm a lover of pebbles... to me they are as beautiful as the plants. Thanks for joining my Garden Walk!

hardinars said...

@ Carolyn: ...Your welcome, and yes, pebbles, stones and rocks add to the excitement and appeal of a garden.

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