Monday, December 5, 2011

Temperate Torenia

Growing ferns, bromeliads became apparent to me when I realized how essential it is to know how much sunlight your garden should get. I thought I could never have a garden in bloom because of the limited sunlight but as I searched, explored the possibilities of having flowers in the garden, I discovered that there are some flowering plants that thrive well in shaded areas. 

I’ve learned that torenia, which is commonly called wishbone flower require part sun to shade. At first glance, I thought of them as weeds, growing wild and quite unsettled. Appealing, I guess is not the right term for them but in gardening, one can always work with nature, enhancing the uniqueness of every growth one can find in the soil.

Looking closely, the dark blue to violet velvety petals with yellow and white at the center of torenia amuses me. They also come in fuchsia and pink. They make good ground covers to hold the soil or placed hanging in balcony. I just can't resist taking a closer shot at these temperate diminutive blooms!


TheGardeningBlog said...

I think these are very pretty - the foliage looks nice too.

hardinars said...

@ thegardeningblog: thank you, they have delicate petals and stems as well. said...

I did not know they grow like weeds. I had them in containers this summer and the bees loved them. BTW, your container in the previous post is beautiful.

hardinars said...

@ gardenwalkgardentalk: Glad you liked the container, thanks. I'm sure your torenias looked marvelous in your containers, too.

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