Saturday, December 17, 2011

High 5 Juice!

Cooking and baking, one of the things that keep most of us busy on a holiday like this.  In the Philippines, Christmas is the longest celebrated occasion since as early as September, Christmas lights can be observed in some homes. Christmas parties are popular in the work places, in schools or in any civic or social organizations and on the eve, it is a tradition to almost everybody to spend it with their loved ones. It is also this time of the year when I feel guilty of indulging myself to irresistible foods whenever I get to be invited to attend such. But no, I won’t let those calories I burned for the whole year through exercise put into waste, I can still enjoy those pastries, carbs,  rich, creamy salads without the guilt. After all, we only get to celebrate Christmas once a year. At least thrice a week, I make it a point to drink juiced vegetables and fruits because I believe in the benefits they bring in keeping me healthy. These 5 raw greens have important components that keep us away from illnesses caused by unconscious exposure to toxins and help in boosting our immune system as well. I call it High 5 Juice because they contain high levels of anti-oxidants in protecting our body from carcinogens and harmful ingredients we get either from inhalation of chemicals or from solutions we apply in our skin. I don’t grow them in my garden for now but hopefully I will in time.

Celery is known not only to lower blood pressure, it also helps in fighting forms of cancer and a good blood cleanser. Cucumber especially the skin and green bell pepper are good source of vitamin A and C. Bitter gourd which is abundant in Asia plays an important role in controlling diabetes. The charantin is believed to lower glucose level in blood that causes diabetes. Ampalaya which is commonly called is a favorite ingredient in an Ilocano dish.  Green apples used to cost a bit higher than any other home-grown fruits so I was relieved to know it is already produced locally. Apples which are high in pectin are also known to possess high levels of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.

Since these are juiced raw, it is very imperative to wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove pesticides and bacteria unless you grow them in your own backyard. I may not have the best juice extractor but I guess this is better than using the blender. Honestly, the mixture is not as palatable as any other fruit or vegetable juice because of the bitter gourd added on it but I learned to drink it anyway. The cucumber and green apple help in reducing the bitterness. The temporary bitter taste is nothing compared to the health benefits one can get in the long run. It’s also important to know that it's not contraindicated with the regular medications I am into.


Autumn Belle said...

I like this healthy recipe. I can't wait to try it out. Have a blessed Christmas!

hardinars said...

@autumnbelle Happy New Year, too! Keep safe and healthy!

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