Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bird's Nest

I started acquiring ornamental plants in the yard just to occupy the empty spaces outside our home. It was only 5 years ago when I started propagating  and growing rainforest plants. Choosing rainforest plants was my option because of the limited sunlight we have in our yard. I don't know what's with rainforest plants but I am always fascinated how wild they grow like the asplenium species in particular or also known as the bird's nest. It was named as such because the center of the plant resembles a bird's nest.  I tried taking care of orchids but unfortunately none of them survived under my care so I ended up taking care of brohmeliads and ferns. Perhaps it's because these are low-maintenance unlike orchids, you have to give full time in propagating and caring for them which I practically cannot deliver because of my work. I love to see the drama of naturally growing ferns in trees,  as indoor plants or in greenhouses as well.

5-year old bird's nest
I also found out that bird's nest don't thrive well in direct sunlight, only in morning sun, so I made it a point to grow my bird's nests where the only morning sun is possible. Keeping the soil moist at all times is the key to a healthy bird's nest. Make sure you drain the soil well enough though. Because of extreme heat in our place, I try to water them two to three times a day.

3-year old fern

I was able to grow these ferns this big when I started transplanting them in larger containers. The larger the containers are, the bigger they would grow. What's nice about these plants is that its roots are relatively small for their large fronds. Wiping the fronds using a cotton cloth with plain clean water maintain the glossy appearance of the foliage. When I was just starting the hobby, I attempted to wipe them with egg white to sustain their shine but unluckily it didn't work out well. The fronds began to turn brown and eventually burned the leaves. Little did I know that with just wiping them from tip to bottom with clean damp cloth will do the trick.

unfurled fronds

I always look forward in seeing new unfurled fronds at the center. I think it would only take weeks before they would unfold so click, click, I took the shots of my babies!


Luckjaw said...

Nice blog Pacing. I just purchased my first bird's nest 2 moths ago. And I know how it feels to see those little curly things in the middle. :)

hardinars said...

Thanks, Weng! I'd love to visit your garden anytime soon. It's been awhile since I last went to your place. Hope we could make bonsai, too.

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