Monday, October 14, 2013

Random Clouds

 I am a dreamer. 
I love to understand how nature works in a complex world where everything seems to be magical. 
Cumulus clouds "fair weather clouds"
The beauty of nature cannot be measured by physical admiration alone...
Mackarel sky
but by the recognition of worth in the realm of one's existence.
Cumulonimbus clouds

View from my window


James Missier said...

A view for your window?
Are you on a place or this is from a skyscraper office unit..

Truly wonderful to see the awestruck formations of the cloudy mass.

hardinars said...

Hi, James! Sorry for the very late reply. It's my first time to visit my blog since I left for Texas. I was on a plane when I took the clouds shots and the bird's eye view of Dumaguete, a province in the south of Philippines last November 2013. I hope I can get back blogging soon as I am still adjusting to the place. Can't wait to visit the Rose Garden here in Texas. I am terribly missing my fern collection back home!

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