Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Simple Treats

School has ended and that means taking a break from helping the kids out in completing their school assignments, accomplishing projects in every subjects and reviewing for their final exams as well. While the kids can call it a day from their daily school activities and the start of their playful summer vacation, I guess I deserve a simple treat for myself: more time in the garden and blogging (which includes updating my profile), visiting some of my favorite plant shops and go buy some few plants.

My eyes feasted at the sight of Platyceriums and Aspleniums upon visiting my favorite plant store. Compared to Asplenium, Platycerium such as P. Coronarium is by far quite costly. When I started appreciating ferns, I can only afford to purchase the not-so-expensive ones, thinking they might not be able to survive in my own care. With some happy and a few heartbreaking moments and with lots of trial and error experimentation, little by little I came to accept the fact that gardening is not only learning how to plant. It includes determining the peculiarities of the weather conditions, knowing some facts about the soil and discovering the uniqueness of one's own home that will someday be called the new habitat of plants. I came to learn the art of suppressing sentimental  attachments if an infested plant has no hope of survival. A terminally ill plant will only threaten the well-being of other plants so I might as well get rid of it. Although gardening may seem an extravagant claim, the excitement and experiencing the wonders of every new growth is always magical and just  as rewarding to me.

Plant store with different kinds of ferns and garden blooms
In my attempt to grow a Heliconia Rostrata, I find it challenging as I am faced with some garden pests. Since it thrives in almost wet and moist soil most of the time, slugs and snails are common problem. This false bird of paradise to me is like the inflorescence of the Vriesea bromeliad, one of the first bromeliads I have. Although totally different from each other, I find the red and yellow-tipped blooms of both plants colorful and eye-catching in the garden.
Heliconia Rostrata or Lobster's claw
Vriesea bromeliad or flaming sword
Along with the H. Rostrata, I also purchased a few plants with berry-like drupes and tiny blooms that come in white and cherry red.
Medenilla with cherry red berry drupes
Medenilla with white berry drupes

After transplanting these newcomers into their new abode, an unexpected intruder came along....waiting to be kissed to be with his princess...
 Toad, Anura Bufonidae


Plant Chaser said...

Medinilla sp. It's the "in" plant in Europe, especially the Netherlands. Supposedly the favorite of the King of Belgium.
Your plants look great!

Plant Chaser said...
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hardinars said...

@ plantchaser: Thank you for helping me id'ing Medinilla sp. I thought I heard manong say "Mandevilla." And sorry, I accidentally posted your comment twice, so I deleted the second one... :-)

Autumn Belle said...

I have a similar plant now. I thought mine is a Medinilla astronioides. I love the flowers and berries.

hardinars said...

Yes, autumn belle. They are lovely plants. I planted them in partial shade. Hope they'll do well.

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